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I'm Kennyy as MELTRICK.

This is MELTRICK official English tumblr, "Dreams DO come true."


A Musix_Journalist-Writer-JpnTranslator-Photographer-Organizar, etc.
A Drummer/SongWriter/multi-, etc.


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Updated on [Thu, Dec 5th, 2013]
It’s been a while to open up my collection of all the bands’ #Pinz & Good(ie)z, whose I’ve met in my #Livegraphy (#Livography). It’s that deep collection box. (and on my way back home, also got back to start writing my own music review which I got offered, was not bad.)

Happily had a midnight cooking time: #MapoTofu and #MisoSoup packed for this week. as of a season changing ‘d got to be sick in a whole week last week till these days. So wanted to have a healthy food today: a special bento B set? #Kakuni & #Yakizakana, as well as readin’ a nice review for #RobertPlant’s new solo record “lullaby and… the Ceaseless Roar” on #amNYpaper’s #pmNY section but a few weeks ago though lol.
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He’s the best, bro! My buddy, my drummer in my band #Meltnoiz in Osaka turned 30 lately and he gave himself his birthday gift to gotta see a new stage one of the best Japanese comedy theatrical companies called #Otonakeikaku and #OtonaNoShinkansen presents “Last Flowers.” He proudly sent me those brochure pics haha. #SoxAndTheCity You’ll see the excellent job! #RotiNYC by @uskfoto. (at Long Island City water view) #RotiNYC by @uskfoto.  (at Long Island City water view) joined shooting a band called #RotiNYC today. Fun time! (at Long Island City water view) Today’s location.  (at Long Island City water view)