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Updated on [Thu, Dec 5th, 2013]
My neighbour catz today. (And met their shepherd grrl who is cute for the first time. Made my day, lol) #fieldmouse set list tonite. I like the way they put their Setlist on the paper plate. (at Rough Trade NYC) (Sorry about some flame-outs..) my love for #fieldmouse and #FrancesCone CDs what I got tonight signed on my copies. The cd is the Japanese reissued one “You Are Here” probably you can order online somehow if you want cuz it’s technically all out of print original issues maybe digital copy too. And got the 15ltd the new LP release show tonight only tee! Thanks FM!
It’s been always so long story to meet the band and see their live over the internet music discovering; back in 2010 their “You Are Here” pre-debut kickstarterred LP released I got so into it, over the years later I met this band in Boston and I worked for the LP Japanese reissued. And tonite I got to see them releasing the official debut LP “Hold Still Life” here at NYC’s Rough Trade. Life still holds up in our arms. #FieldMouse (at Rough Trade NYC) Congrats for #fieldmouse debut LP finally out on #TopshelfRecords and #PLANCHARecords in Tokyo.  (at Rough Trade NYC) At least I could catch up some of #FrancesCone songs and grabbed their CDs. Pop music tends to be so lovely like theirs, and it should be in a good way like theirs. (at Rough Trade NYC) A punishment for myself was like a question how could I miss #OOIOO rare US tour show and my good friends #AvaLuna show, and the earlier bands tonite openers for #FieldMouse debut LP “Hold Still Life” release party? (at Rough Trade NYC) #Arare #ShivaDog #ShibaInu #ShibaDog she’s so nice, I’ve never met a dog like her. Right after tonite’s work, biked down into my friend’s balcony BBQ party!! Yes! I wanna go back to #DetroitJazzFest this year too so bad.. Also I wanna see #Motown Musical so bad! (at Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, New York Public Library)