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Updated on [Thu, Dec 5th, 2013]
was afraid to instagram it… however, it is the most shocking news in these days.. What a cruel world nowadays..how could be those worst news goin on..like Staten Island’s cop’s choking.. Robin Williams’ passing.. Negativity must not be such easily spread out.  Where’s that peace we used to have or seek, or handle.wtevr.. (at 34th Street) Kitty and shadow last nite. This guy, #FoexInFiction, made a world. I’d imagined that as if he was playing a on-campus show in local college for all age like this at Shea, I’d definitely envy his world he just makes in front of all the kidz. So we could be foxes in the real fiction. (at Shea Stadium)
And absolute. #DowntownBoysProvidence sparked. 

It may be a speechless music but very speech-ed with music. want to follow the reality. (at Shea Stadium) Although ve seen Victoria’s other project Malportado Kids before in Bos, finally really finally got to see #DowntownBoysProvidence from Providence  republic town!!! Killed it. How do they have such an intense vibe from the town and politics and hypotheticals…(maybe). (at Shea Stadium) And the other day, saw a new fav NYC/Jersey band: #Vomitface (one word!). being in a rad conjunction. Looking forward to get listen to the 7” Ep! (at Shea Stadium) (Ok, now I got a chance to look back their good-bye for a while show in NYC:) #PrettyAndNice is one of the all time fav Boston bands, and good friends, and the one I always wanted to bring to Japan. I’m so happy that even Holden, Sammy (of Birthday), Emily, and I could have gone on the Birthdays Japan tour together could happen in my 20s life. And their last-ish record Ep “Infinitely Forever” and some new songs they played are so so good. Go check them out in the internet world even. (at Glasslands Gallery) Last nite on the way back home from Pretty & Nice the last show. 

United States of… #NYC #Brooklyn, whatever. (at Williamsburg) Just beautiful aftermath #prettyandnice the NYC last show. (at Glasslands Gallery) #PrettyAndNice the new Ep release & NY farewell show. #Jacksie #AdultDude & #Denizen and also #EverydayIsAMixtape who put out the ep and previous ep and lp on the cassettes! (at Glasslands Gallery)