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I'm Kennyy as MELTRICK.

This is MELTRICK official English tumblr, "Dreams DO come true."


A Musix_Journalist-Writer-JpnTranslator-Photographer-Organizar, etc.
A Drummer/SongWriter/multi-, etc.


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Updated on [Thu, Dec 5th, 2013]
Synths and Drums. (at brighton music hall) E.guitars. (at Brighton Music Hall) Unfortunately Avey lost his voice during the set. However, so happy to see their music at all.  (at Brighton Music Hall)
#aveytaresslasherflicks. It’s even been a while since last time I saw #Deradoorian (Angel’s solo) sets at Tufts & MIT (my best friend booked then)… I remember then Avey came hang around with her. So now I see we finally confronted their musical friendship and entirely the brand new creativity. How could imagine that. Extraordinarily unbelievable music. So conceptual as well. (at Brighton Music Hall) His incredibly own guitar soundscape world. #dustinwong solo. So beautiful waves. I believe the audience who made early to see him is lucky and ruled! Personally thanks to #PLANCHARecords in Tokyo (his label in Japan) gave me a favor to see him! Very hope to see him again soon. (at Brighton Music Hall) Skulls on the stage. (at Brighton Music Hall) Now there last nite. #AveyTaresSlasherFlicks (Avey of Animal Collective, Angel Deradoorian of ex-Dirty Projectors, and Jeremy of Ex-Ponytail drummer) a new project! w/ #DustinWong (ex-Ponytail guitarist) touring from Japan to join on the US tour! (at Brighton Music Hall) #Taiyaki is a snack food/sweet, in Japan/Korea, pasted Red Beans inside, usually not fried but this time he made it fried. Excellent, I’ll try to do that by myself! (at Men-Tei) And #FriedTaiyaki for desert! Thanks a lot! (at Men-Tei) Got lunch. #EelDon (#UnaDon) w/ #FriedRice (#BowlOfEelAnd FriedRice) upgraded, which is recommended by our friend who works there!  (at Men-Tei)