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Updated on [Thu, Dec 5th, 2013]
Not only that, only her voice. Entirely band sounds take balance  so well. #littlefootBand (at neverland) Also for the first time. Providence/Boston based #Littlefoot a new comer into the scene. Luv her voice and prom songs way they make up very much. So sweet. A new anticipation!  (at neverland) Very first time to see her, #IAN. Too good. A Berklee girl, but actually more than that. Sad songs never gonna be such incident like her songs I’ve ever seen.  (at neverland)
And luv the way Greta of #frankiecosmos / Porches joins to sing with #ACLUBenefit singalong-ing. So great. So great. (at neverland) #frankiecosmos w/ flash. Actually, luv Aaron’s drumming so bad. And the way he counts to start. This was one of the best #basement nites. (at neverland) wanna pretty back to last Sunday in the never ever wonder land basement. We went down to. (at neverland) Right. #fruitsjuice. We actually finally got this awesome machine in our home. #Healthily we can make #FruitsJuice by our own. #Juicer the best! Why am I so unfortunate with #WhiteHinterland since they’ve come back to the scene! (Still remember she got canceled #Dreamhaus show last summer? And I’ve missed other shows later upon too..)  Researchin’ up #SCarey and #WordsLikeEarth. (at Great Scott) Got home and what I got today was everyone’s fav best and only one record “Silver Year” of #ShoppersBand (#PerfectPussy’s frontwoman Meredith’s former band!). And lest of those are what I’ve listened back lately. #DucktailsBand’s The Flower Lane, #Swirlies’ “Blonder Tougue Audio Baton,” #SaraleeAllston’s 2nd cassette from #AnonymousDogRecords all on cassette. And #ArtoVaun sent me msg about his new music vid out and recording his upcoming new record as well, so good back to his 2013 excellent British touchy pop rock record “The Cyntha Sessions” and MA’s long run psyche pop rock #Plumerai’s also 2013 (one of the best 2013 records for me!) “mondegreen.” And lastly NY’s dinosaur rock alternative band #NewBeardBand’s “City” all on cd. #Goodies right?